Rock Bottom

Have you hit rock bottom? Has alcohol taken control over your life? Is your health suffering due to your alcohol consumption? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you may be suffering from alcoholism. Alcoholism is a disease characterized by alcohol addiction and may lead to many adverse health risks. Alcoholism commonly […]

Problem drinking can lead to cirrhosis

Do you have a drinking problem? Alcohol consumption is widely practiced throughout the world. Many people are able to consume alcohol recreationally without it becoming dangerous, but for some individuals alcohol consumption leads to alcohol abuse and addiction. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are commonly confused or assumed to be the same thing, but they are […]

My Loved One Has Alcoholic Cirrhosis

Watching your loved one fight a battle with addiction for years is difficult in itself but then finding out that their bodies have suffered serious consequences to alcohol use it can be overwhelming. As a Parent, Sibling or Child of an alcoholic you are aware of the constant pain and difficulty your loved one has […]

I Have Alcoholic Cirrhosis

Drink after drink the thought that this highly addictive substance is destroying your liver but it just didn’t come to mind. Maybe you were fully aware of the consequences of your drinking but because you suffer from alcoholism you were unable to fight the urge. For many it take hitting rock bottom in ones life, […]